Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sola Gratia, Miss Cornett

There are some moments that are easy to pass over and deem insignificant. I've always been someone who basks in those moments but I'm finding that right now they mean more to me than the would have if my life had kept up at its 500 mph pace.

I just wrote my first classroom newsletter. 

I introduced our theme ("Walking Wisely" from Proverbs 13:20) and wrote out a supply list. Which is actually somewhat difficult to do. I landed on throwing out red pen altogether. I'll correct in green (blog post on that someday) and the students can correct in blue. Red pen directly contradicts everything I want to build. 

Signing it was a significant moment as well. 
Sola Gratia, 
Miss Cornett 

Exactly the reminder I needed. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Direction

My world as I know it waits with great anticipation for my response.

I just called off my wedding.

At first all I could think to do was to delete all social media in order to not be an angry spewing maniac or an embarrassed pitiful coward, because truly I am neither. I'm a lot of things, but no longer a scared girl dragging the dead weight of a poor excuse for a man behind her.

Days before my 22nd birthday, I just signed my first lease and was accepted on my own credit and income. I've been building something and it was the final reminder I needed these past few days that now only will I "be alright" or "get past it" but I'm going to soar. Afterall, I did pretty darn well carrying him and his side girlfriends along in this last chapter of my life.

I graduated from a prestigious university and accepted a job in my field the next Monday. I never anticipated being a twenty-something in a one bedroom apartment, but am ready for my next chapter up north. Someone told me recently that I needed a new hobby. I have no idea what I'll blog about this time or who will even read it, but it's how I'm choosing to communicate in this next year.