Sunday, July 29, 2012

Be a Good One

I still vividly remember my first day of college. I can tell you the exact outfit I wore, who walked me to class, and that I was scared to death. Sure I looked all calm and collected in my black high heeled pumps but inside I was terrified to go to my first theology class. Thought for sure it was over before I had even started. The first words of the prof are words that I know I’ll never forget:

Everyone is a theologian; you might as well be a good one.  

What?! No, he must have been mistaken. I went to public school. I’m not a theologian.

I don’t remember his explanation as well I as I do his landmark statement, but it was something to the effect of if you can think, and you think about God (or don’t think about God in some people’s case) that it automatically makes you a theologian. You don’t get to decide if you want to be one or not. His job was to make sure we were good ones.

Took him for philosophy as well. Walk in… “Everyone is a philosopher; you might as well be a good one.” Nope, I’ll stick to theologian but thanks anyway.

Flash forward two years later, I was in my doing the first part of my student teaching working in a first grade classroom and the teacher called her students mathematicians. Over and over. It was unmistakably evident that not only were they used to being called mathematicians but they enjoyed it… and more importantly they believed it. What a stark contrast to most elementary teachers who are mathphobic and pass on their fears often without even realizing it.

So when I saw this on Pinterest, it caught my attention and inspired me. 

Photo not mine, could not find source though. :/

So I’m working on a way to do something similar one of my bulletin boards. Will post the finished product. But until then, I thought I’d incorporate it into our class logo.

On the blog some day in the future...
Proverbs 13:20
Head, heart, hands
Puzzle pieces 

Until then, 
walk wisely and be a good one. 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Cross that one off my bucket list. 
Ok I don't actually have one. But if I did, indoor skydiving would have been on it. 
And now it would have officially been checked off, thanks to some incredible friends.

Honestly can't think of a better way to spend one's unwedding day. 

Some of my best friends from college made the 2,000 mile trip out to see me anyway. And we had such a great time... San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles... I tried my best to give them the whirlwind tour in such a few short days. 

It's good to know that in the midst of a season marked by so many changes, 
that some things remain: like true friendship

 Lets talk about change...
Brown hair. Everyone rolls their eyes at me when I call it brown but it feels dark to me after being so light for so long. Like what it does to my eyes though; I think I'll keep it. Change is good, right?

And finally the tell-tale sign of change...  good 'ol U-Haul. 

Next chapter up north starts THIS weekend. 

The posts that follow will be from my new apartment.