Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sola Gratia, Miss Cornett

There are some moments that are easy to pass over and deem insignificant. I've always been someone who basks in those moments but I'm finding that right now they mean more to me than the would have if my life had kept up at its 500 mph pace.

I just wrote my first classroom newsletter. 

I introduced our theme ("Walking Wisely" from Proverbs 13:20) and wrote out a supply list. Which is actually somewhat difficult to do. I landed on throwing out red pen altogether. I'll correct in green (blog post on that someday) and the students can correct in blue. Red pen directly contradicts everything I want to build. 

Signing it was a significant moment as well. 
Sola Gratia, 
Miss Cornett 

Exactly the reminder I needed. 

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