Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Direction

My world as I know it waits with great anticipation for my response.

I just called off my wedding.

At first all I could think to do was to delete all social media in order to not be an angry spewing maniac or an embarrassed pitiful coward, because truly I am neither. I'm a lot of things, but no longer a scared girl dragging the dead weight of a poor excuse for a man behind her.

Days before my 22nd birthday, I just signed my first lease and was accepted on my own credit and income. I've been building something and it was the final reminder I needed these past few days that now only will I "be alright" or "get past it" but I'm going to soar. Afterall, I did pretty darn well carrying him and his side girlfriends along in this last chapter of my life.

I graduated from a prestigious university and accepted a job in my field the next Monday. I never anticipated being a twenty-something in a one bedroom apartment, but am ready for my next chapter up north. Someone told me recently that I needed a new hobby. I have no idea what I'll blog about this time or who will even read it, but it's how I'm choosing to communicate in this next year.

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